Structured Finance
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Structured Finance

The lawyers in Culhane Meadows’ Structured Finance Group have long and deep experience in securitizations, asset-based lending and derivatives.

Our lawyers have represented sponsors, underwriters and investors in asset securitization transactions, and borrowers and lenders in asset-based lending transactions.  We have worked on ABS, MBS, CLOs, CDOs, asset-backed commercial paper facilities and warehouse lending, among other things.  We also have extensive experience negotiating ISDA© documentation for interest rate, currency and other swaps.

We have worked on public and private transactions involving a great many asset types, including auto loans and leases, credit card receivables, trade receivables, residential and commercial mortgage loans, aircraft and aircraft engines, other equipment leases, oil and petroleum products, drug royalty receivables, insurance products and securities lending accounts.  Our team is adept at spotting the risks and issues associated with unusual asset classes.

In addition to transactional work, our experience includes specialized structured finance work related to other practice areas, including mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and litigation.  Our team has an extensive history of dealing with distressed or otherwise problematic structured financings, including in the bankruptcy and litigation contexts.