José Jimenez

José Jimenez is part of Culhane Meadows’ IP and Patent practice groups, where he counsels and represents individuals/small businesses, start-ups as well as more established clients in the Electrical, Electro-Mechanical and Medical Device sectors. José also serves as onsite patent counsel for a consumer product development company and for a start-up entertainment electronics company. As […]

Rose Keagy

Rose Keagy is a seasoned Registered Patent Attorney with more than 30 years of experience in meticulously drafting and prosecuting patent applications, patent licensing, patent litigation, developing and managing global patent portfolios, providing intellectual property counsel to engineers and senior business leaders, analyzing issued patents, leading technical patent committees, providing counsel and guidance to achieve […]

Robert C. Klinger

Bob Klinger’s intellectual property practice is marked by a dedication to integrity and an unwavering commitment to each client’s specific needs and commercial objectives. He is known for delivering excellent work product at a fair price. Accessible and genuine, Mr. Klinger’s counsel is focused on the balance of protection and preservation of his client’s intellectual […]