Disruptive Law®

Culhane Meadows isn’t a traditional law firm – and we’re good with that! Although we have taken the best traits of traditional law firms, including collaboration and subject matter depth and diversity, we have actively combined those attributes with a business model designed to reflect and take advantage of the technology and communication capabilities available in the 21st century. Our clients know the importance of evolving to stay relevant in the marketplace–why should law firms be any different? Culhane Meadows is proud to be shaking up the marketplace as we demonstrate how law firms must also adapt and evolve to become more efficient in the delivery of legal services. Plus as part of our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best lawyers in America, regardless of their gender, race, orientation or personal background, we’ve adopted a  100% objective and transparent compensation system where every lawyer is fairly rewarded entirely on their own merit. From our Core Values to our Guiding Principles, we are creating positive disruption and change within the legal marketplace by showing clients and attorneys a better way to practice law.

Integrity is the foundation of the attorney-client relationship because it gives the client peace of mind that its interests are front and center. While our partners are experienced leaders in their respective practice areas, we do not overreach and we are not afraid to say “I don’t know yet” if we need to double check an important issue.

We exercise regular and transparent communication and we welcome clients to ask questions about any services we provide. Our objective is to keep clients informed and updated at every key juncture.

Our innovative business model leverages “the cloud” to maximize efficiency by eliminating expensive offices and inexperienced associates. Yet we are always looking for ways to improve our systems and services as newer technology arrives. We always ask ourselves: Can we do this better? Faster? More Efficiently?

With a management philosophy that emphasizes intentional collaboration among partners located nationwide through the use of technology, we are able to maintain a true partnership culture. We believe that better communication among our partners translates into better client service.