Franchise and Distribution

Culhane’s experienced franchise attorneys were trained in the franchise practice groups of some of the most respected law firms in the world, and regularly represent franchisors and franchisees in their commercial transactions, regulatory compliance matters, and related disputes.

Franchises and other distribution relationships present both challenges and opportunities for companies. Changes in distribution methods, consolidation of businesses, consumer-buying patterns and marketing approaches, combined with emerging legal trends, make it imperative that clients are presented with options for structuring their distribution system.

The Franchising and Distribution attorneys at Culhane help individuals and companies plan, structure and implement the special business relationships of franchising and other forms of distribution. We have assisted clients in the initial strategic evaluation of potential franchise offerings, along with handling the registration and exemption filings that may be associated with franchise and business opportunity laws in the various states. We also have experience negotiating franchise and licensing agreements, drafting franchise disclosure documents and dealing with all aspects of franchisee/franchisor relationships. We work to minimize our clients’ financial risk, help them avoid legal disputes and facilitate profitable decisions and long-term growth. Our experience in franchising and distribution encompasses clients in many industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Fast foods
  • Casual dining concepts
  • Beauty services
  • Software
  • Education
  • Household goods
  • Heavy equipment parts and services
  • Personal services
  • Temporary personnel
  • Commercial cleaners
Grant A. Walsh

Grant A. Walsh