Peer to Peer Magazine: How Culhane Meadows is Turning Conventional Law Firm Structure on its Head

Peer to Peer Magazine: How Culhane Meadows is Turning Conventional Law Firm Structure on its Head

Peer to Peer magazine, the official publication of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), recently published a comprehensive case study about Culhane Meadows and how the firm is challenging the norms of the traditional legal marketplace.

Heather Haughian, a co-founder of the firm and author of the case study, explains: “By taking a different approach to the conventional practice of law, Culhane Meadows has found ways to deliver exceptional, highly efficient client service using innovative technology combined with top-notch legal counsel, thereby creating a new business model for the legal profession.”

A central focus of the case study is how Culhane Meadows has turned Big Law into Smart Law. Specifically, the firm emphasizes collaboration among partners and adopts many of the same benefits found in large traditional firms, but strategically balances those benefits with intentional efforts to limit costly traditional overhead. For example, the firm has leveraged emerging scalable and flexible technologies and eliminated costs associated with extravagant offices, excessive support staff and other expenses that bring little value or benefit to clients. Yet the firm has created a working environment that encourages deep collaboration among attorneys across all geographies and practice groups.  The firm’s partners work remotely, coming together with their local offices at least once a month for regularly scheduled office meetings or for firm-hosted client meetings or volunteer events, as well as the firm’s annual 3 to 4 day partner retreat.

“Whether the attorney is in Atlanta, New York or any of the firm’s seven offices nationwide, Culhane Meadows’ unique business model provides opportunities for its attorneys to deliver better client service and a balanced work-life environment. In creating a model where attorneys truly enjoy collaborating with one another –– turbo-charged by innovative technology delivering efficient, cost-effective and streamlined operations –– Culhane Meadows has succeeded in turning the conventional structure of law practice on its head to deliver a win-win situation for the firm’s clients and partners.”

Read more about the innovative formation and rapid growth of Culhane Meadows in the full case study available HERE or by clicking on the magazine image below.