InformationWeek Magazine features Culhane Meadows as Leading Virtual Business

InformationWeek Magazine features Culhane Meadows as Leading Virtual Business

Culhane Meadows PLLC and our co-founder Kelly Culhane are featured in an InformationWeek article because we are recognized as being one of the top cloud-based law firms in the country. We are proud to be a trend-setter as we embrace technology and use outside the box thinking to build a better way to practice law! The following is an excerpt from the article:

Virtual companies tend to be distributed by default because the talent is spread out over several geographic locations. As they grow, one of two things happens:  They either move into office space because they’re unable to operate efficiently, or they stay virtual by placing more emphasis on talent than where that talent resides. New York-based InVision has employees in Montana, Argentina, and other locations, for example.

Similarly, virtual law firm Culhane Meadows has 55 partners in different locations, most of whom are senior partners with eight or more years’ experience.

“I think we are the only alternative model that’s truly a partnership,” said Culhane Meadows Managing Partner Kelly Culhane. “You really have to use technology purposefully to maintain the standards of traditional law firms.”

Culhane Meadows started out with two advantages: Fortune 100 clients and four founding partners with different areas of expertise. Those four founders are responsible for operations, finance, marketing, and technology, respectively, which provides a solid foundation from which to grow.

If a partner needs a temporary office, she rents it from temporary office space provider Regus. If she needs paralegals or secretaries, they are hired on a contract basis through a temporary staffing partner.

The lower overhead enables Culhane Meadows to provide big law firm service without the big law firm price tag.

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