Patent Prosecution and Strategy
Intellectual Property

Patent Prosecution and Strategy

Innovative companies need veteran patent counsel to help them turn ideas into competitive advantage. We help our clients evaluate new technology and develop a plan for protecting it. Our patent attorneys and intellectual property team provide a full range of patent services, including early-stage invention analysis, patentability and freedom-to-operate opinions, preparation and prosecution of patent applications, strategic licensing, patent litigation, and related transactional services.

Analysis & Opinions
Our patent attorneys are well-versed in helping our clients identify the most important and central elements of a potentially patentable innovation.  Using thorough prior art searches, together with a thorough understanding of the client’s core technology, we offer detailed evaluations and opinions about patentability, freedom to operate, competitive threat assessment, patent validity, and potential infringement risks. Which elements of our new technology are the most patentable?

  • Which elements might be better protected as a trade secret?
  • Do we have both the freedom to operate and an understanding of the risks?
  • Are our competitors getting patent protection?
  • In a crowded field, what are the best design-around solutions and strategies?


Armed with the latest information and legal counsel, our clients can make informed business decisions and can navigate the patent landscape in any industry or sector.

Patent Applications
The importance of securing patent protection for your core technology cannot be understated. Companies at the forefront of emerging technologies understand the benefits of owning exclusive rights, including the raw competitive advantage, monetization through selective licensing to others, litigation deterrence, and building overall business value.

Our patent attorneys enjoy working closely with business leaders and inventors to identify the most unique and patentable features of new technology.  Our enthusiasm, together with our experience handling patent applications in the U.S. and abroad, helps our clients protect their core technology with the strongest patent claims possible.

All patent prosecution is handled by attorneys who are registered to practice before the USPTO. Each client works with a patent attorney who has a relevant technical background.  We handle international patent applications through the group’s foreign filing attorneys and by using a network of foreign attorneys and agents in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.