Is the Cloud the Solution to True Work-Life Balance for Lawyers? Is the Cloud the Solution to True Work-Life Balance for Lawyers?

Many law firms are still not taking full advantage of the cloud, but there are examples of leaders like Culhane Meadows demonstrating the full benefit of the cloud, which includes more freedom for attorneys, better cybersecurity, and more convenient, quick and personalized client service. reporter Erin Hichman uses extensive data analytics to examine how alternative-model law firms are disrupting the traditional legal market by leveraging technology to provide more flexibility for their attorneys, while simultaneously simplifying the law firm operating model and keeping costs at a minimum. Her conclusion is that the cloud enables a new way of operating, providing a realistic chance at attaining real work-life balance for lawyers. As one of the largest cloud-based law firms in the United States, Culhane Meadows is prominently featured as an industry leader in her recent article titled “Is the Cloud the Solution to True Work-Life Balance for Lawyers?

Here are some excerpts –

Moving to the cloud has several key benefits – chief among them are a reduced footprint (e.g. data centers, hardware), decreased need for maintenance and operations costs, and the ability to better align and easily adjust capacity needs, and flexibility.

Culhane Meadows (see ABC News article) is a great example of a law firm that is leading with a cloud-first mentality, and consequently, their attorneys are working remotely without an actual office. This enables Culhane Meadows’ attorneys to access everything necessary without a centralized, common physical location. This, in turn, results in bottom-line benefits – no occupancy expenses, artwork, furniture, or related overhead, which correlates directly to increased profitability.

Additionally, the reduced cost structure offers increased flexibility in fee arrangements, and can be more appealing to the younger and emerging attorney population (or the uncommonly hip boomer attorney).

In addition to highlighting the superior work-life balance offered to lawyers who practice law in the cloud, the article also dispels the myth that cloud-based law firms are more susceptible to cybersecurity gaps –

Top worries and challenges law firms have regarding the cloud are having less control over their data and security

These worries, while shared by many organizations across industries, are not totally justified. While venturing outside the “four walls” of a law firm via the cloud, there certainly are many factors to consider: vendor management, shadow IT, business continuity, information management, cybersecurity and compliance. And, to the credit of law firms, initially navigating through each factor can be overwhelming.

But, not “physically” having the data within the confines of the law firm does not mean loss of data control or a decrease in security measures. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Just as it makes the most sense to have a law firm and attorneys handle legal issues, cloud storage service companies offer expertise in data compliance, privacy and cybersecurity. Using the cloud also enhances the control and access firms have to data.

The full article can be downloaded HERE as a PDF.

With clients ranging from Fortune-ranked companies to emerging businesses, Culhane Meadows’ deep bench of senior partner-level attorneys delivers experienced counsel at significant savings over traditional large law firms. With the option to work from home offices and eliminate daily commutes, combined with the ability to set their own rates and hours, Culhane Meadows’ innovative platform is likewise an increasingly attractive option for attorneys who desire more time to pursue their personal passions and hobbies – and especially for working parents who want more family time.

Maintaining a secure environment, whether in traditional brick and mortar or a virtual platform, is often a weakness of law firms–or any business for that matter. That’s why Culhane Meadows has invested heavily in leading-edge, cloud-based solutions with high levels of cybersecurity to manage the firm’s documents, email, and accounting and billing needs.  The firm’s encrypted document management system keeps client documents safe, readily accessible, searchable and indexed for all partners at the firm to use and securely access 24/7 from any location. This enables partners to seamlessly and efficiently collaborate on client matters across all offices.

As recognition of its trendsetting leadership, (an ALM publication) recently included Culhane Meadows as the only cloud-based firm (and the only non-Am Law 200 firm) on its list of 2017’s seven most innovative law firms in the U.S.

With the majority of its equity partners, 60% of its managers, and 40% of its total attorneys being women, Culhane Meadows is also proud to be a trendsetter for workplace equality. In fact, Culhane Meadows is the largest women-owned national full-service business law firm in the U.S.