Computer Requirements

Transparency in the process.

Whether you’ve spent your entire career at Big Law or you’ve been on your own for a while now, migrating your practice and clients to a new firm can be intimidating. We aim to make the entire recruiting and interviewing process transparent and streamlined as possible. Depending on each candidate’s circumstances and desired timeframe, we can usually move candidates through our process as quickly (10-14 days) or slowly (4-6 weeks) as needed. Sometimes we might deviate from the usual steps or do things in a slightly different order, but the following general outline will help you know what to expect during our recruiting process. Most importantly, we view this as a two-way process and we always encourage and welcome candidates to ask questions as they evaluate whether Culhane is a good fit for them and their practice.

Each new member of Culhane is required to purchase a NEW dedicated work laptop computer. This ensures the computer (1) complies with the firm’s Minimum System Requirements (click link for details), including a Windows 11 PRO operating system, and (2) is properly configured to interface with the firm’s secure technology platform (which is based on Microsoft 365 for Business).

Culhane contracts with a preferred vendor for IT support and all members have the option to subscribe to such service for a monthly fee or pay for IT services on an hourly/a la carte basis as the need arises.

Due to recent demand, some computer suppliers are reporting backorders. To minimize delays, we encourage all incoming partners to promptly select and order their new laptop several weeks prior to their official start date.

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