Preview of The Culhane Grid

(Our Member Intranet System)

Much of the content inside The Culhane Grid is proprietary and shared only with members of the firm. However, to provide candidates a glimpse into the type of information that is available to them upon joining the firm, we are sharing these recent screenshots from inside the Grid. As a cloud-based firm that leverages technology to reduce overhead and deliver better efficiency to our clients and partners, the Grid contains numerous menu topics and links where partners can find extensive resources and information we’ve assembled to support their practices at Culhane.

A key feature of the Grid is to help us organize the various logistical and housekeeping tasks that necessarily accompany the practice of law (e.g., running conflict checks, opening new client files, adding new matters to a client file). Inside the Grid, we’ve developed a number of easy-to-use forms to make these tasks as efficient as possible for our partners. Here is a sample of the types of forms we use on a routine basis and you can see some of them in action by selecting from the “Sample Forms” dropdown on the Recruiting Portal navigation bar at the top of the page.

In addition to our substantive online materials about practicing law at Culhane on a daily basis, we’ve also prepared a special area of the Grid dedicated to organizing the onboarding process for new partners.

We know that transitioning to a new firm can be overwhelming so we’ve prepared a New Partner Roadmap/Checklist. This is a useful guide that’s provided to all new partners on their first day at Culhane and it’s been carefully designed to help partners organize the various stages of their onboarding process. Importantly, the roadmap is broken down into three sections – Your First Day, Within the First Week, and Within the First Month. This allows partners to prioritize their onboarding tasks so they can hit the ground running and provide a seamless transition for their clients.

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