Kim Verska featured in CIO Magazine about importance of internal technology

Kim Verska featured in CIO Magazine about importance of internal technology

Kim Verska, the CIO and Atlanta Managing Partner for Culhane Meadows, was recently interviewed by CIO Magazine in their article titled “5 ways IT still fails its business users.” The focus of the article is that while mastering customer experience is the current drumbeat of digital transformation, enterprises too often neglect the internal employee IT experience to their detriment. Here are some relevant excerpts, including Kim’s interview:

Skills related to data security and privacy are in high demand today, especially when it comes to running an IT department.

Kim Verska, CIO of full-service law firm Culhane Meadows, decided to earn a Certified Information Privacy Professional/US (CIPP/ US) certification through the
International Association of Privacy Professionals (lAPP), and says the skills she learned are useful both in her practice as a privacy and data security attorney and
as a CIO.

“For potential clients, especially in the C-suite, [a certification] is something they’re used to their security people having,”Verska says. “The lAPP is recognizable and
meets their needs as to privacy compliance.”

Beyond what the certification communicates to clients, Verska has found that studying for the test and the memorization involved “is helpful because without
that rigor, I need to continually go back to look at the laws very often when a new question comes up,” she says.

Verska is considering getting the European Union (EU) version of the certification (CIPP/EU), because she is constantly working on EU privacy and security
compliance issues for multinational and international clients.

Becoming lAPP-certified and a member of the lAPP has been useful in a number of ways, Verska says. “They host great conferences and free continuing education
classes, as well as providing listserv access to excellent consultation resources,”‘ she says. “This is really important in data privacy and security, because the laws in
these areas change constantly, [and] you have to be current about privacy issues and compliance.”

The full article can be found HERE.