Law360 includes Culhane Meadows among Best Law Firms For Female Attorneys

Law360 includes Culhane Meadows among Best Law Firms For Female Attorneys

Law360’s 2019 Glass Ceiling Report includes Culhane Meadows among the top 70 law firms in the U.S. who are demonstrating that the industry’s gender diversity goals can turn into a measurable result, and boost the number of women at all levels of a law firm.

As the largest national full-service women-owned (WBE) law firm, Culhane Meadows is proudly disrupting the legal marketplace and setting a new bar for gender equality.  This is despite Law360’s annual report showing most law firms are still making very slow progress towards increasing female representation at all levels, from associate to equity partner.

The report found that women represent just 36.3% of attorneys at firms, a number that remains fairly consistent over the past six annual surveys. The vast majority of female attorneys remain in the lower-level associate and counsel categories. Among partners, women represent only 24.8% of the group. And at the equity partner rank, women account for just 21.5%. These numbers suggest that fewer women are rising through the ranks than men, despite representing at least 40% of law students for the past 30 years and more than 50% of law students since 2016, according to the American Bar Association.

At Culhane Meadows, women represent 40% of partners and 60% of the equity partners, putting the firm far ahead of the national averages. 

For its ranking, Law360 grouped firms based on their U.S. attorney head count in order to compare them with similarly sized firms. Firms that had below-average female representation at any level were excluded.

The complete survey results can be found HERE.