Commercial Collections
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Commercial Collections

We work zealously to recover funds for our commercial and business clients, using the most effective tools for the circumstances.

Our Commercial Collections practice is comprised of a group of experienced lawyers with a variety of different backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge.  We are able to approach every commercial collection matter with the goal of bringing the most effective tools to bear to obtain our clients’ funds at the most economical cost.

The possible tools and strategies are too numerous to list, but among them are these representative examples:

  • Demand letters and lawsuits to collect accounts
  • Commercial litigation to enforce promissory notes and guaranty agreements; suits on commercial lease agreements; collection of funds due under service contracts (including construction, architecture, and marketing/advertising agreements).
  • Evictions from commercial property and repossession of movable personal property
  • UCC actions, including filing of liens and security agreements, assignments for the benefit of creditors, Article 9 foreclosure proceedings
  • Statutory and common law establishment of liens, including lis pendens and mechanics liens
  • Extraordinary remedies in the commercial context: Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions, Deeds in Lieu
  • Post-judgment commercial collections, including levy and attachment
  • Creditor’s representation in Bankruptcy proceedings, including adversary proceedings, relief from the stay and adequate protection and involuntary bankruptcy