The attorneys at CulhaneMeadows PLLC have represented some of the country’s largest and most sophisticated construction-industry owners, developers, contractors, specialty subcontractors, design professionals and engineers in matters arising from the largest and most complex construction projects undertaken.

When a dispute arises on a construction project, the Firm has extensive experience representing our clients in pre-dispute negotiations, mediations, proceedings before dispute review boards, nonbinding adjudications, administrative proceedings, jury and bench trials, and binding arbitrations. Our construction litigation practice encompasses a wide range of construction-related claims, including: bid protests; mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens; performance and payment bonds;warranty and performance guarantees; design defect; delay, disruption and acceleration; workforce supplementation;scope change and cardinal change; cost overruns; project settlement cramdowns; design infringement;extra-contractual performance; and contractor and professional licensing.

However, CulhaneMeadows PLLC is not just a construction litigation claims boutique. Indeed, some of our most valuable and rewarding work involves helping our clients avoid disputes. That is best achieved at the contract drafting stage and throughout the performance of the project by serving as responsive and competent project counsel. Our attorneys are well versed in drafting and revising myriad construction contracts and agreements, including those form documents offered by various professional trade groups. And because our clients’ success is our success, we stand with them ready to provide cost effective and creative strategies to administrate their projects and avoid disputes.

Finally, for clients seeking relief from non-payment, CulhaneMeadows PLLC offers decades of construction law collections experience in jurisdictions throughout the country.  Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended mechanic’s liens for private works, and stop payment notice and payment bond claims for both private and public works with excellent results.  If getting paid is your goal, the office of CulhaneMeadows PLLC should be your legal destination.