Our attorneys frequently advise clients regarding sweepstakes laws, contests, and other types of game promotions, including online and offline promotions. Our services in this area include the following:

  • An initial compliance review of the mechanics of the promotion. This ensures that the promotion complies with numerous federal and state laws regarding game promotions, illegal lotteries, anti-spam legislation, privacy protection, state registration and bonding requirements, etc.
  • As needed, we work with insurers and government agencies to make sure the sweepstakes, contest or game promotion is properly registered, bonded and meets all necessary requirements to be conducted lawfully.
  • Drafting of the sweepstakes, contest or game promotion rules.
  • Provide a waiver and release form for winners to sign. This helps protect agencies, game administrators and sponsors from any liability in connection with the promotion.
  • A compliance review of the website, social media, advertisements and any other material associated with the promotion to ensure that all legal recommendations and requirements are being carried out.
  • Assist clients with other legal issues associated with the promotion such as conducting drawings, redemption of prizes, taxation disclaimer of prizes, viral marketing compliance, infringement issues, overseas promotions, registration, bonding, etc.

Sweepstakes, contest and game promotion services are often provided for a flat-fee that is quoted at the very beginning of the process. The amount of the fee will depend on the mechanics, complexity and legal requirements specific to the client’s desired promotion. To obtain a quote for your promotion, please contact one of our partners who practices in contests and sweepstakes law.