From tracking grocery products and their expiration dates, to monitoring cargo shipments at international ports, the role of supply chain management (SCM) technology in public safety and security is taking on greater importance. Proposed government actions and decisions may drive the future of these technologies and their impact on the productivity and reliability of commercial industries globally. Culhane Meadows helps businesses understand the opportunities and impact of supply chain management and distribution, and shows clients how to help shape the legislative landscape for the use of these technologies in their industry. Our team brings together the capabilities of our Corporate & Business, Government Contracts, and Intellectual Property practices to offer clients strategic business, government affairs and legal advice in SCM technology creation, development, procurement, use, and application.

The U.S. government continues to look at advancements in technology that will protect citizens, and streamline operations to increase global competitiveness. Our attorneys work with SCM users and providers to offer advice on the increasing numbers of federal and state policy initiatives and the possible effects on this growing industry.

Our attorneys and public policy advisors, along with an experienced team of government affairs professionals, combine the strength, experience and presence of a highly regarded law firm that not only monitors regulations, but also helps to shape legislation.

The use of SCM technology is growing within the homeland security industry, bringing increasing regulation and raising privacy concerns. We are currently monitoring and advising our clients and industry/trade contacts in the following areas:

  • SCM government procurement
  • Privacy concerns and information management
  • Supply chain logistics — dynamics and liability
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Commercial law and general contracting
  • New EU regulatory affairs
  • HR issues relating to RFID use in the workplace