Culhane Meadows enhances its clients’ copyrights by registering their works and securing transfers of copyright in works prepared by their employees, as well as those specially commissioned from independent contractors.  We also resolve copyright issues involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Internet domain names, spam, free speech and privacy.

Culhane Meadows provides legal guidance and counsel with regard to all aspects of copyright protection, from properly documenting the ownership of copyright with contractors to copyright registration and enforcement.  As the Internet has grown exponentially, so has copyright infringement – our IP attorneys handle cease and desist notices to infringers, take-down notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and, when necessary, we enforce our client’s copyrights in federal court.  We also provide guidance to our clients for navigating the often-confusing licensing schemes for copyright to ensure that their uses of third-party works are properly licensed.

Our experience includes representing some of the most significant companies in the media and technology sectors.  Our IP attorneys are experienced in a broad range of print, electronic, and visual media, including broadcast and cable entertainment, motion pictures, computer software, web-media and multimedia, as well as more traditional works such as books, art, characters and graphics.  We regularly provide advice on associated issues that arise in these industries, such as idea submission, individuals’ publicity and privacy rights relating to publications, endorsements and advertisements, content licensing and rights disputes, character licensing, profit participation and accounting disputes.

Representative Copyright Engagements

  • Represented a regional publisher of local education guides in a lawsuit against a nationwide publisher; negotiated a settlement
  • Represented an individual accused of making unauthorized downloads of film content; challenged validity of the film’s copyright registration and obtained a dismissal
  • Represented web site owner in obtaining removal content from rival’s web site that copied large portions of its content
  • Defended architectural firm from claims of unauthorized copying of business software by employees
  • Advised Fortune 500 company regarding proper licensing of music and other third-party materials for in-house promotional and educational videos and presentations

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