Attorneys in the Culhane Meadows Internet, e-Commerce and Social Media practice group advise clients on a wide range of Internet matters and transactions, ranging from intellectual property protection to regulatory and operational challenges to privacy and data security legal issues. The Internet and new technologies have revolutionized global business and the accelerating interest in social networking, e-mail, mobile and eCommerce reflects our growing dependence on the Internet to conduct business. These are fast-moving fields of activity where the law may sometimes be difficult to interpret. Our attorneys have the experience to guide clients through this legal maze. They work closely, as appropriate, with members of the Corporate, Employment & Labor  and Litigation and Insurance practice groups to provide comprehensive advice to clients based on their particular circumstances.

Virtually all businesses today sell or buy products and/or services on the Internet.  Businesses that sell products or services on the Internet must take a proactive approach to operate within established legal guidelines in the world of electronic commerce, while businesses that purchase products or services on the Internet must be equally attuned to the protections that exist, and do not exist, in support of those transactions. The attorneys at Culhane Meadows advise both web-based business clients and “brick and mortar” clients to enable them to understand the risks and take advantage of the steadily increasing number of laws and regulations governing consumer-oriented retail and business-to-business electronic commerce.

Attorney Representative Transactions

  • Counsel to leading travel-related services company in outsourcing of the development and operation of its consumer facing online travel business
  • Represented leading global provider of in-home movie and game entertainment in outsourcing of online hosting of external website to AT&T (with Verizon through down-select).
  • Counsel to global video game company with experience negotiating and drafting transactions related to sales, distribution and exploitation of interactive entertainment.
  • Represented major transportation company in the re-design of its entire website (external).
  • Represented major financial services company in the establishment of joint venture entities to build and operate an Internet-based employee portal service and a B2B horizontal marketplace for the systematic sourcing of operating inputs, targeted to small- to medium-sized business customers.
  • For the world’s largest package distribution and logistics company, provided advice and counseling on developing, structuring, and launching a worldwide, secure Internet delivery service, including implementation of the associated system for issuing digital certificates and negotiation of agreements with multiple “commercial” certificate authorities.
  • For a nationally recognized processor of medical claims, established the structure for issuing healthcare industry specific digital certificates required to operate an Internet-based service for processing a wide range of administrative healthcare transactions.
  • For a major financial services company, advised on the application of the E-Sign Act and UETA to roll-out online statements, including extensive analysis of consumer consent issues.
  • Provided advice and counseling on the initial establishment and expansion of the on-line presence of a Fortune 100 package delivery and supply chain management company and the analysis of on-line operations in over 65 countries.
  • Represented the world’s largest package distribution and logistics company in all aspects involving its offering of various proprietary services (e.g., package tracking, drop-off box locator, etc.) over wireless devices (domestic and internationally), including negotiation of Application Service Provider relationship with host for wireless services, negotiation of channel agreements with multiple device manufacturers, wireless carriers and wireless portals/aggregators, and advice regarding establishment of registration process to reside on wireless device.
  • Represented major international financial institution in negotiation of Application Service Provider relationship for an alerts utility to provide proprietary and nonproprietary content to customers over wireless devices.
  • Represented major international telecommunications company in negotiating an application service provider relationship with StarMedia for integrated, customized, co-branded portal services for client’s subscribers in a number of Latin American markets (accessible via wireless devices and other means).