The term “business torts” encompasses the full range of non-contractual claims and disputes that can arise in business transactions, business ownership, management, and employment relationships, and the competitive business environments in which individuals and companies operate.

“Business torts” commonly include claims for misrepresentation and fraud, deceptive trade practices, tortious interference with contractual relationships, trade secret misappropriation, breach of fiduciary relationships, misappropriation of business opportunities, and conspiracy.

The litigation team at Culhane Meadows represents plaintiffs and defendants in business tort claims in state and federal courts and arbitration proceedings. The breadth of our experience in handling these matters allows us to thoroughly analyze business tort claims, counterclaims and defenses, and to prepare and present our clients’ claims and defenses effectively and efficiently. Culhane Meadows represents decades of litigation and dispute resolution experience and knowledge. Our attorneys bring acute litigation strategies and to every litigation matter from pre-suit through trial.

Although our litigation team is tenacious in pursuit of our clients’ interests during litigation, we are equally as focused on finding a satisfactory way to resolve the contractual dispute in an efficient and cost effective manner.

While we have the experience and skill to fight our clients’ battles in the court room, we view litigation within the larger framework of our clients’ business and/or personal objectives. Not every dispute requires the commitment of executive time or the expense and disruption of otherwise profitable commercial relationships that frequently ensue when formal litigation is pursued. For that reason, we have employed a variety of alternative dispute resolution techniques to seek resolution at the earliest possible opportunity.

A growing part of our practice involves work to minimize our clients’ risks and exposure of doing business in today’s litigious world. While we are prepared to aggressively litigate to protect our clients’ interests, avoidance of litigation remains one of our primary goals. Our attorneys work with our clients to define, assess and minimize litigation risks and to develop programs to help them comply with specific contractual requirements and with the laws and regulations that affect their business.