Charitable Gift and Family Legacy Planning
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Charitable Gift and Family Legacy Planning

Putting your assets to good use.

Culhane Meadows private client attorneys have extensive experience with the many options for helping clients meet their philanthropic goals.  We are happy to help clients understand and implement:

  • Tax-efficient current charitable gifting,
  • Creation of donor advised funds,
  • Charitable lead trusts,
  • Charitable remainder trusts,
  • Charitable gift annuities,
  • Charitable bequests, and
  • Private foundations.

Our decades of extensive experience enable us to help our clients confidently choose the charitable options that most closely suit their needs.  Many options demand close coordination our clients’ other advisors and accountants so that the client’s charitable income tax deduction can be accurately anticipated. As in all our work, Culhane Meadows private client attorneys are committed to ensuring that our clients make fully-informed decisions and are not unpleasantly surprised by the costs or other aspects of implementing their planning.  This is as true of charitable planning as any other area.

Some of our clients are individuals who have already taken care of their loved ones and wish to  determine how their additional wealth can have the most impact.  Others are anticipating a large income recognition event in the near future and seek tax efficient ways to benefit both family and charity.  All are people who strongly believe that their assets should not be wasted.

Culhane Meadows attorneys help our clients comprehensively explore the most time and cost-efficient options for reaching their goals.  For example, is a new private foundation the right vehicle for a family to carry out specific charitable goals through succeeding generations or can a donor-advised fund do so?   Can non-cash assets such as stock, real estate, artwork or other unusual assets fund a charitable donation?  We can help you find the right answer.