Representation of Executors and Trustees in Estate Litigation
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Representation of Executors and Trustees in Estate Litigation

You agreed to serve as executor – Culhane Meadows attorneys can help you handle the responsibility with confidence.

Culhane Meadows attorneys regularly represent Executors and Trustees in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Settling of decedents’ estates,
  • Administration of long-term trusts,
  • Estate and inheritance tax compliance,
  • Fiduciary litigation, and
  • IRS Estate and gift tax audits and controversies.


Most commonly, we guide executors through the process of settling a decedent’s estate, with careful attention to opportunities to minimize related taxes.  Our services encompass probating wills, helping clients understand their legal duties, preparing the necessary estate and inheritance tax filings, aiding in asset transfers and ensuring that all matters have been properly handled before an estate is closed.

Every estate is unique, and it is a rare estate that holds no surprises.  Our clients appreciate our ability to share the burden, relieve them of many of the frustrations of asset transfers, and help them find solutions to issues that preserve family relationships.  Culhane Meadows attorneys are sensitive to the emotion that usually accompanies the estate settlement process and attempt to proactively and compassionately deal with the conflicts and disappointments a decedent’s estate plan may present.

Our clients include executors of both large and more modest estates, and Culhane Meadows attorneys handle the full range of issues, from basic to complex.   The fiduciary duty of an executor or trustee to be fair to beneficiaries with conflicting interests can be difficult to implement, and litigation can sometimes occur.  There can also be litigation brought against an estate relating to a decedent’s business dealings.  In either case, Culhane Meadows litigation partners are available to help.

Tax audits and controversies will also arise in various estates, especially those that include closely-held business interests or difficult to value assets.  When an audit cannot be satisfactorily settled, Culhane Meadows tax partners are ready to handle the controversy to follow.