Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions
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Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions

Culhane’s attorneys have decades of experience closing acquisition and disposition transactions of all types of commercial real estate.

Culhane’s team of seasoned attorneys possess a wide breath of industry knowledge surrounding the purchase or sale of every type of commercial real estate projects. Our services extend from preparing and negotiating purchase and sale agreements through the drafting and finalizing of all related transactional and closing documents. Our attorneys will assist in setting, and maintaining, the pace of your deal; making a timely, but thorough, closing our highest priority.

Our disposition team is committed to providing support to property sellers during every facet of the transaction, to include, without limitation:

  • Setting due diligence limitations and establishing a reasonable standard of care;
  • Securing proper indemnities and releases;
  • Limiting the scope of representations and warranties;
  • Crafting incentives to sufficiently motivate the purchaser towards a final closing;
  • Preserving time discipline;
  • Minimizing post-closing liabilities; and
  • Preparing seller deliveries and assisting in all coordinated closing processes.


Our acquisition team works with committed focus to support property purchasers through a variety of value-added processes, to include, without limitation:

  • Structuring and managing a comprehensive due diligence plan;
  • Reviewing and analyzing potential zoning and land use issues;
  • Noting and resolving title and survey objections;
  • Negotiating seller resolution of environmental, permitting and other contingency issues;
  • Documenting post-closing agreements and party stipulations;
  • Structuring financing vehicles and negotiating loan documents;
  • Negotiating owner’s and lenders title insurance policies and required endorsements; and
  • Preparing purchaser deliveries and managing closing processes.


The size of your deal will not waiver our commitment and responsiveness. We represent both large and small corporate institutional investors as well as individual property owners.