Asset Management and Operations
Real Estate

Asset Management and Operations

The real estate partners at Culhane recognize that closing the purchase of real property represents a promise of success. Let us help you fulfill that promise.

For many real estate attorneys, the work is over when the deal closes.  For many of our clients, the work is just beginning.  Whether your objectives are to reposition an underperforming asset for re-sale or maintain high occupancy rates at premium rents over the long-haul, asset management is crucial to meeting your goals. The real estate partners at Culhane are uniquely positioned to support the implementation of your ongoing operational strategies.

With a deep understanding of the many relationships necessary for the successful operation of real estate assets, Culhane’s attorneys structure, craft and negotiate agreements that support these essential relationships. We possess extensive experience negotiating construction, brokerage, property management, asset management, architectural, non-disclosure and other operational agreements from all sides of the table. Our approach is not only to promote your specific interests in the deal, but also to support positive relationships with the professionals you rely on to succeed.

Successfully operating real estate assets also involves effectively and efficiently dealing with the unforeseen.  Code violations, tenant bankruptcies and mechanics lien claims are among the many issues a property owner faces.  Our attorneys have served as in-house general counsel or outsourced general counsel for many prominent real estate companies. We are accustomed to these challenges and readily meet them with pragmatic, cost-effective advice.  In our corporate, litigation, tax and other partners, we also have access to a full quiver of legal talent to address complex issues with the highest level of legal expertise.