Multifamily Affordable Housing
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Multifamily Affordable Housing

Multifamily housing is a unique, imperative and highly challenging segment of the real estate industry, requiring the skills, experience, training and resources of those who participate.

Culhane’s multifamily and affordable housing group offers the recipe necessary for the success of any multifamily project: exceptional talent, experience, creativity, and institutional knowledge and resources. We represent owners, developers, lenders, investors and other interested parties in a variety of multifamily housing transactions. A sampling of our services include:

  • Seeking acquisition, development, construction and other approvals and permits from public, private, community-based, regulatory, governmental and other necessary parties;
  • Negotiating and drafting construction, development, consulting, operational and other service-related agreements;
  • Counseling on all ADC, bridge, and post-construction debt-equity financing, refinancing and recapitalization transactions;
  • Providing oversight and control of all land use, planning, zoning and other related matters;
  • Structuring and negotiating joint venture arrangements concerning ownership, construction, development, property management and asset management matters (including private and public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements);
  • Pursuing developer property tax exemptions, deferrals and abatements, and other development-related incentives and programs;
  • Structuring and closing transactions with “Market Rate” (including Class A, B and C), “Affordable” and “Mixed-Income” housing components;
  • Structuring “layered” financing elements of affordable and mixed-income multifamily properties (including combinations of conventional debt and equity financing, tax-exempt bond, low-income housing tax credit, HUD Section 8, Housing Assistance Program (HAP), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and other federal, state and local subsidized financing); and
  • Managing and insuring developer on-going, and post-construction, compliance.


In pursuit of our client’s stated objectives, we develop a strategic plan of accomplishment confirming those goals, establishing targeted delivery dates, and developing a plan of implementation. This strategic plan is also based upon the current, and prospective, political, economic and community climate.  An analysis of same is critical to insure essential community engage, and integration with local development plans and initiatives. Our collaborative team approach, coupled with our industry acumen and strategic relationships, will add intrinsic – yet tangible – value to every deal.