Zoning, Land Use, and Entitlements
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Zoning, Land Use, and Entitlements

Because results matter, we are your first choice for finding creative land planning and use solutions in a dynamic and constantly developing business and political climate.

The attorneys at Culhane are well-positioned to identify and address every land use challenge or obstacle.  Whether our clients are small property owners, large corporations or an institutional lenders, we serve as a valuable member of our clients’  development teams as they look to maximize their investment in developable land. We prosecute quiet title and title claim matters, resolve boundary and encroachment disputes, pursue zoning variances and special use permits, negotiate municipal development agreements and impact fees, cell tower leases and reciprocal easements, draft and unwind restrictive covenants, and handle all  development-related regulatory issues that may arise.

The attorneys at Culhane understand the importance of your short-term development objectives and long-term project vision. Embracing that vision, we mindfully evaluate those objectives against the backdrop of the zoning ordinances, building codes and related comprehensive development maps in the applicable jurisdictions. Community engagement is also critical to a developer’s success. Local politics and community forces can influence, both presently and prospectively, a proposed land use or construction project. To that end, we foster and maintain relationships with key governmental leaders, planning and development staff and neighborhood leaders, in order to leverage those relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Culhane’s attorneys successfully advocate before local and regional zoning and development boards for a variety of sustainable projects including mixed-use and master-planned residential communities, shopping centers and big box retail stores, and industrial and energy facilities.