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Strategic Vision

Culhane proudly matches or exceeds the standards of large traditional law firms in both experience and depth of knowledge of our partners.

Our collective vision is to offer clients exceptional and efficient legal services from partner-level attorneys who possess valuable training and experience from large law firms or in-house legal departments of respected corporations.

However, we are distinguished from the “Big Law” business model because we remain intently focused on efficient delivery of legal services by leveraging emerging technology, while avoiding the burdens of extravagant office space, fancy artwork on the walls, marble columns, redundant support staff, numerous layers of management bureaucracy, and other expenses that add no value or benefit to the client.

The information, forms, and documents contained in this portal are confidential and subject to the Partner Candidate Nondisclosure Agreement. This portal is intended for the exclusive use and benefit of Partner Candidates as they seek further information about our firm during the recruiting and due diligence process. You may use the navigation sub-header above to visit the different sections of this portal and to view Culhane’s various governing and operational documents and a summary of the group benefits available to our attorneys. We have also provided some videos of our partners answering FAQs and some examples of the cloud-based forms we use in our day to day operations. For a great recent case study about Culhane Meadows in ILTA’s Peer-to-Peer magazine, click HERE to view the article titled “Turning the Conventional Law Firm Structure on its Head.”

If you have any questions along the way, please contact the Culhane attorney who is recruiting you or send an email to recruiting@cm.law

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