Partners of Culhane Meadows have access to a group plan with Aflac, which generally means the group rates are lower than what is offered in the public marketplace.  Please take a moment to read the bullet point summary below and the coverage/rates documents linked below as PDF downloads.  Aflac premiums are lower than most medical policies and the payout benefits are a nice supplement to traditional medical coverage. In essence, Aflac writes a check to you for a covered loss and then you can spend the $ as you see fit, on anything. To sign up for optional Aflac coverage or to ask questions about submitting a claim, please contact the firm’s Aflac representative:

Randy Frady
(469) 274-0626

Watch the below video for an overview of Aflac’s offerings.

Highlights of Aflac Group Plan for Culhane Meadows

  • Culhane Meadows has a group Aflac rate – this means the premiums being offered are 30-40% lower than individual rates.
  • Groups, like CMs, are eligible for about twice as many policies (i.e., type of plans) than individuals.
  • We never age with Aflac – meaning, the premium you are charged when you sign up is ‘frozen’ and Aflac will never cancel a policy due to health or other reasons (other than non-payment of premiums).
  • Aflac plans belong to YOU – meaning, if you change jobs or retire, you keep the plan at the SAME GROUP RATE.
  • Aflac plans stand alone – this means if you have more than one Aflac plan with the same benefit, you will be paid on each plan independent of the other.
  • If you have had cancer, but have been cancer-free for five (5) years, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CANCER POLICY (This also goes for heart attack, stroke, other major medical events).
  • Culhane Meadows will write the check on your behalf and deduct from your draw (as with our current disability policy, accounting will collect from you the cost of your premium prior to the firm paying on your behalf).

Examples (though you should always verify specific terms and conditions in the actual policies):

Broken Arm:  This is what Aflac will pay you: E/R visit $120.00, MRI $200.00, Broken bone $325.00, 3 follow up visits $105.00, 8 physical therapy sessions $280.00, Total check you receive from Aflac: $1030.00.

Cancer: Initial diagnosis: $6000.00, injected chemo 6 weeks $5400.00, Radiation therapy 6 weeks $3000.00, anti-nausea meds 2 months $300.00, Total benefits $14,700.00 *Aflac cancer plans pay you benefits throughout your battle with cancer each step of the way. The average cancer claim payout is $51,000.00.

Take a minute and think about all the other insurance you might have, Major Medical, Dental, and Vision policies are all designed to help you pay doctors, hospitals, and related costs when your injured or become ill.  This is where Aflac is different from any other insurance you might have.  Aflac understands that with any accident or illness a financial burden to some degree is incurred.This is why Aflac cash benefits are paid directly to you, to give you financial help when you need it most regardless if you have any other kind of insurance or not. You are free to use the money any way you see fit.

How are benefits determined?  Aflac has identified events you could go through while seeking medical attention for an accident or illness and assigned a dollar amount to each event, the more serious the illness or accident the larger the benefit is to you.

Aflac Group Rates

Culhane Meadows Group Rates Sheet (as of April 1, 2014)

Aflac Plan Brochures

Accident Plan

Cancer Plan

Critical Care Recovery Plan

Dental Plan

Hospital Plan

Juvenile Life

Juvenile Life Rates

Life Plan

Short-Term Disability Plans

Vision Plan

Submitting a Claim:

The policy holders should set up a personal Aflac account by going to and then Log In in the upper right corner. Once the policy holder is logged in, he/she can follow the directions on the site for submitting a claim.