NOTE: These lists are updated regularly, so it is recommended that you check here to obtain the most current version whenever you need to conduct searches. You MUST be logged into your CM.LAW profile in order to open the files. 

Client Prospect & Close Personal Contact List

Click HERE to view the current Client Prospect List and list of Close Personal Contacts.

A. Content. The Firm maintains a list of potential new clients, and partners are encouraged to add a potential client’s name to the Firm’s database via the Client Prospects Form on the Partner Portal.   This list contains details regarding the name of the contact, the type of efforts made towards targeting that prospect and the last date of contact.

This list also includes a list of the Close Personal Contacts that have been established at the firm.   A “Close Personal Contact” is an individual in whom a Partner has invested significant time, money and effort, specifically for the purpose of cross-selling with this individual and/or marketing not only the Partner’s practice, but also the Firm as a whole (or substantial part) and/or other specific Partners’ practices and capabilities. In other words, it is not the depth of the personal relationship with the individual, but the specific investment in selling the individual on Culhane Meadows and its specific other Partners. For example, your college roommate “might” not qualify as a Close Personal Contact if you have made no effort to cultivate and maintain the relationship in several decades. More information about requesting Close Personal Contact status through the Advisory Committee can be found in Chapter 7 of the Partner Handbook.

B. Updates. The Client Prospect List is updated on a rolling basis approximately every 3 months under the supervision of the firm’s CIO, and if no progress has been made for a potential client, then the potential client(s) is removed from the Client Prospect List. Each Partner with potential clients listed on the Client Prospect List must establish that affirmative steps have been taken since the last time the Client Prospect List was updated in order for such potential client’s name to remain on the Client Prospect List. A link to the Client Prospect List is shown above to enable Partners to check the status at any time.

Recruit Tracking List

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The Recruit Tracking Database will be updated periodically under the supervision of the firm’s CIO to enable partners to check the status at any time. The firm recognizes that at times there may be confusion as to who deserves Recruiting Credit. The Managers will use their best efforts to resolve such questions in a fair manner, consistent with this policy. An important (though not necessarily definitive) tool for determining recruiting credit allocation is by partners identifying and submitting their new recruits via the New Recruiting Prospects Form.

CM Partner’s Referral List

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This database is comprised of service providers, local counsel (or specialists such as family lawyers), or other vendors who our partners have recommend for referrals. This list should be searched before sending “All Attorney” emails seeking referrals. To submit information for inclusion on this list, please use the Referral List Submission Form.

CM Partners’ Home Addresses

Click HERE to download the spreadsheet of partners’ home addresses. Note that the “Preview” function may not work and you may need to download and then open the address spreadsheet on your local computer. If you need to make a change or correction to your address, please contact Admin.