Branding in the Moment

Mobile devices have become extensions of our bodies and brains. We constantly are connected to them, using them virtually every time we want to know, find, watch or buy something. A 2016 study found that we look at our smart phone on average 2,617 times a day, for approximately 2.4 hours. Heavy users look at […]

IBA Features CM Attorneys on Arctic Cruising & Taxation of Elite Athletes

The environment and cultural issues of the largest passenger cruise through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage and the tax-exposure of world-class athletes are two of the issues Culhane Meadows partners discussed at the 2016 International Bar Association annual conference in Washington, D.C. September 18-23. Robert J. Kiggins, Linda V. Priebe and David Jacoby participated at the […]

Branding in a Disruptive World

The Internet presents endless marketing opportunities and challenges. Not only does it lower the barrier to entry for new market entrants, it also challenges large, well-known companies to keep their business models relevant. Many of today’s most popular brands were built at meteoric speed and without the aid of (and initially, the budget for) once-traditional forms […]