Branding in a Disruptive World

The Internet presents endless marketing opportunities and challenges. Not only does it lower the barrier to entry for new market entrants, it also challenges large, well-known companies to keep their business models relevant. Many of today’s most popular brands were built at meteoric speed and without the aid of (and initially, the budget for) once-traditional forms […]

California Resale Royalty Act Can’t Apply Outside California

The major art auction houses’ spring sales in New York yielded a record US$2.5 billion in May, but not one penny of it will go to artists as resale royalties under California’s nearly 40-year-old Resale Royalty Act. On May 7, the en banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Supreme Court expands burden-shifting analysis under Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Since becoming law, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) has caused employers to fear that any employment-related issue affecting a pregnant woman could result in a discrimination lawsuit.   Indeed, many employers went so far as to treat pregnant employees better than other employees in an effort to safeguard against any claims of discrimination. While that was […]

Kelly Rittenberry Culhane: featured author,

Kelly Rittenberry Culhane, co-founder of Culhane Meadows, is a featured author in the June edition of the online newsletter. Her article is titled “Start with a Concession” and features Ms. Culhane’s top 3 practical tips for keeping cool and making the most of high-stakes negotiation opportunities: 1. Start with the middle ground. 2. Be […]