Software and Application Development and Licensing

Software and Application Development and Licensing

Technology is essential to remain competitive in today’s worldwide marketplace. Whether looking to acquire technology for your company’s internal infrastructure needs, or developing technology for distribution into the marketplace, our attorneys are experienced at structuring and negotiating complex software licensing and distribution transactions.

Culhane’s technology lawyers are skilled in handling all sorts of domestic and international software development and licensing transactions. Our attorneys have developed and negotiated a full range of computer technology related commercial transaction agreements, including software licensing agreements, complex technology integration agreements, software development and distribution agreements, on-going maintenance and support agreements, wireless telecommunications agreements, healthcare industry technology agreements, payment card industry processing agreements and mobile phone application agreements. They work closely, as appropriate, with other Culhane attorneys experienced in regulatory, privacy and security, tax, intellectual property, litigation, and international matters to provide comprehensive advice to clients based on the client’s particular circumstances.

Culhane’s technology clients range from start-ups and emerging companies to Fortune 100 companies. We work closely with our clients from the initial stages of structuring and negotiating the transaction, to providing on-going transaction implementation advice and dispute resolution legal services.

Attorney Representative Transactions

  • Represented leading transportation company in the procurement of portable data terminal equipment for use by all drivers and other delivery personnel.
  • Represented Wall Street investment banking firm in the procurement of mission critical telecommunications infrastructure to support its worldwide trading operations.
  • Represented major international financial institution in negotiation of Application Service Provider relationship for an alerts utility to provide proprietary and nonproprietary content to customers over wireless devices.
  • Represented the world’s largest package distribution and logistics company in all aspects involving its offering of various proprietary services (e.g., package tracking, drop-off box locator, etc.) over wireless devices (domestic and internationally), including negotiation of Application Service Provider relationship with host for wireless services, negotiation of channel agreements with multiple device manufacturers, wireless carriers and wireless portals/aggregators, and advice regarding establishment of registration process to reside on wireless device.
  • Represented major wireless carrier in over a dozen individual transactions for the procurement of the technology infrastructure required to offer personal communications service (PCS).
  • Represented the world’s largest package distribution and logistics company’s airline division in negotiation of an Application Service Provider relationship for customer facing application services.
  • Represent major retail photographic equipment distributor with respect to hosted customer facing application services.
  • Represented the world’s largest package distribution and logistics company in establishing its information technology distribution channel and negotiated over 50 technology licensing and related agreements related thereto.
  • Represented fleet management scheduling and tracking technology provider in the worldwide licensing of its software and sale of related hardware components.
  • Supported major transportation company’s program to license its patented package sorting equipment designs and scanning technologies to manufacturers, by drafting, negotiating and closing technology license agreements.
  • Represented the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority in its procurement of a major automatic fare collection system.
  • Represented payment card processing technology provider in the licensing of its software and related services to one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers.